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By Laura

Your summer ready circuit!

By Laura

Get Summer Ready with this battle rope and kettlebell circuit!

If you’ve started thinking about getting ‘summer ready’ (like most of us here at Sweat!) then exercises that work you hard but are still fun are a great addition to any summer training plan.

The battle ropes are perfect for not only working your cardiovascular system but also help to improve your strength. They are the ultimate test of strength and endurance! Battle ropes help to improve your strength and explosiveness over a greater period of time due to constant moving changing tension. Try our battle rope and kettlebell circuit to kick start your ‘summer ready’ plan:

Here's our step by step guide to this circuit...

  • After warming up, perform each exercise for a total of 45 seconds.
  • Rest for 45 seconds in between each exercise.
  • After performing 1 full circuit rest for 1 minute (get lots of water onboard!).
  • Repeat 4 times . *Optional extra ‘summer ready’ push: after your 4th 1 minute rest complete each exercise for a 5th round- perform each exercise for 30 seconds with only a 30 second rest in between.
  • Ask a friendly PT for help if you are unsure of any of the exercises.

  1. Double battle rope slams



  1. Kettlebell swings



  1. Goblet side lunges



  1. Alternate battle rope slams



  1. Single arm kettlebell swings




  1. Commando plank


  1. Battle rope ‘snakes on the floor’

  1. Kettlebell Russian twist

 Tag @sweatunion if you try this at the gym and let us know how it goes!